Model: Series 396 (H60 - H80)
Capacity: 13,000 – 17,500 lbs


With full loads weighing as much as 17500 lbs. at 43” load center and full capacity up to 256” of lift height—safety is priority number one. The Linde Torsion Support System and mast design are the fundamental reasons for stability when handling wide, swinging loads generating high dynamic forces.


These trucks are engineered to take care of the really tough jobs. Advanced engine design and Linde hydrostatic drive technology enable the operator to accelerate and decelerate smoothly and without shift-shock, at slow pace or at full speed. Without effort, using the original Linde Load Control, the driver manipulates the load efficiently and quickly in any condition. Precise control of all movements is the key to high performance.


Man and machine are perfectly matched on these high capacity forklifts. Designed to the most advanced ergonomic standards, the generously sized driver’s cab provides a comfortable work environment. Fully adjustable seat and armrest contribute to minimizing stress and fatigue. Fingertip hydraulic controls, designed into the armrest, add further to the fatigue free operation.


50 years of experience with hydrostatic drive systems are combined with a robust, industrial diesel engine, the result, utmost reliability. This combination has consistently proven dependable in even the most challenging environments. This machine is effective and cost efficient without equal.


The original Linde hydrostatic system operates without mechanical transmission, torque converter, clutch, differential axle and conventional brakes. The net effect: low operating cost and increased productivity, a significant advantage especially in high cycle applications.


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